Welcome to The YouBooth 2.0!

Save a link to this page as it has some important info regarding your booth rental.

Props for the guests - (if you want props, often this booth works fine without them). An assortment of affordable and funny props can be found on Amazon or Etsy. OR you can opt for some larger non-gag/goofy props.


  • umbrella and parsills

  • confetti

  • themed items to go along with your event

If props, then a table with a table cloth so we can display and manage them for you.

If our arrangement includes props, we have some general “props on a stick” type of items. Or you can purchase a more specific themed set like mentioned above and bring them on your own!

Design files

We can create a custom screen guests will see prior to starting their session with the booth. So if you are having stationary made, or sent out some sort other invite, then we can use the design elements for the booth screen. We can also add text or a logo to the actual photo/video they will take. This is called an “Overlay”.

If you have a graphic designer working on things they can provide a .png file for us to use (we can do minimal design work of course, but for that extra “something” we recommend using a designer who may already be designing things related to you event).

The files just need to be: 2048 × 2732

If not…You will receive a link to some great pre-made options that we have available!

A working outlet near by

Keep in mind we will need to be within 10-20Ft from a working outlet. We have an extension cord, but its still important to keep this in mind when deciding on a location within your event.

Wifi and Password

Although we can operate without a wife signal, and use Airdrop to delver the images, a working Wifi signal is needed for full operational capacity with your event. Especially if purchased the printing add-on! As the printer will operate via Wifi.

For the very best experience we recommend having a space set aside for the booth that fits into the overall design of your event!

Traditionally, a photo booth is just set up in front of a hanging backdrop set up on stands. We can do that, however, the guest experience will be much more rewarding with just a tad more thought put into how they interact with the booth.

Below are some examples of what you can do to elevate the booth experience for your guests!

1) Lounge feel. (Couches, chairs, stools Etc.)

This will require some furniture rentals, maybe you already have that planned? Maybe it just means sliding over a cool couch. Maybe it just means bringing a couple neat stools to the party or event. In either case, the booth can be set to two heights. One for standing, one for sitting. Alternatively, the booth can simply be angled downward if a sitting and standing position is preferred.

2) Balloons and other decor.

This one can be really fun! From confetti to balloons to hanging whatever!

3) Floral Install.

This can mean a full on floral wall, or simply some greenery to outline the spot guests are to stand. There are many creative ways you can use potted plants or flowers or paper decor flowers to give life to the space.

4) Easy peasy

If you dont have an official event planner and the thought of all this makes your head spin, then consider this…. we can always set it up in front of nice view or another feature already present at whatever venue your event is held. Often a clean wall can provide a nice blank slate. A skyline view or something where the sun is not going to be directly shining into the screen(this is called backlighting and is not a good thing for photos!) is also a good bet.

Whatever you decide or are considering don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas!

theyoubooth (at) gmail.com