The Portrait Lounge Check List

The Portrait Lounge by Theo Milo Photography is an innovative and exclusive experience! A real life photographer (not just a tablet) and an onsite editor bring a new and exciting twist to the guest experience! Below are a few items we need from you in order to provide your clients and their guests with the best possible experience!

We will be bringing a few pieces of equipment listed below:

  • 2 - 7-8ft light stands each with a 2-4ft soft box attached. This sets the quality of the light and photos.

  • 2 personnel - 1 photographer and 1 editor.

  • 1 small printer that will print a 4x6 image.

What we need from you:

  • A 10ft x 10ft (roughly speaking, we can work in a smaller space if needed) space to set up the lights and position the guests.

  • Small table, linen and chair for the editors work station. This table will also where the printer will set.

  • Decor and design for the “scene” the guests will be in. This one is important. We will not be bringing any backdrops or props. As your event is as unique as your clients, we find it works the best for the setting in which we photograph the guests to be a custom designed set inline with the theme of the event. Complete with stools or couches or florals or animals! Ok, maybe not living animals although we would not be opposed to that ;). Whatever you decide to use, plan on it being about 7ft high and 7-10 ft wide.

  • Wifi - this on is super important. One of the perks of the portrait lounge is that we edit and upload the images in real time to a website that the guests can access to download the images.

  • A working outlet near by. We will bring an extension cord, but if there is not an outlet within 20ft of our set up location, we ask that an extension cord be run closer to us.

Thats it for now! Please let us know if there are any questions or requests and we will try to accommodate where we are able!